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My Writing Assistant’s team of researchers, writers, and editors has the passion, skills, experience, and extensive training in research and writing. We provide exceptional writing assistance to many students and professionals worldwide.

  • We are a group of professional researchers, writers, and editors with strong yearning for knowledge and passion for writing.
  • We aim to be the finest and most trustworthy research and custom writing service provider online.
  • We provide uncompromising assistance to our customers in their research and writing endeavours.
  • We always strive to produce high quality research and custom papers for our clients.
  • We are always concerned with our client's welfare.
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My Writing Assistant believes that people with continuous thirst for knowledge make excellent writers and researchers. That is, people who are continuously in search of knowledge develop important skills and qualities needed in outstanding writing and researching. These skills and qualities include: analytical and critical thinking, discipline, determination, and dedication.

In addition, custom papers produced here at My Writing Assistant are by qualified English writers. We only hire Bachelor’s, Master’s and Ph.D. degree holders. Of course, we don't just accept anyone with a degree. We accept those with exceptional skills and experience in writing academic and technical papers. More importantly, they must have the passion and motivation to write high-quality papers. In return, we give the team members of My Writing Assistant exciting perks, privileges and a compensation package commensurate to their skills and abilities. This is My Writing Assistant’s way of saying “thank you” to the team’s dedication and commitment, and to further encourage enthusiasm and zest for writing in the company.

My Writing Assistant
exists to support students and professionals in their research and custom writing needs. We give out only the best service and great value for our clients’ money. Armed with reliable online libraries, the skills and passion to write, and years of research and writing experience, My Writing Assistant’s team of writers and editors guarantee proper treatment of every writing project. Research and custom writing are simply our things.
>> We Genuinely Care About Your Grades >> Our Mission
Many online writing companies promise high grades, on time delivery and plagiarism-free papers, but the truth is, many fail to live up to their words. Why? Because many online writing companies lack this simple but essential principle: concern for their clients. Such online writing companies just accept and accept as many orders as they can even if they don't have enough writers who will take care of all the clients’ orders. As a result, their clients receive half-baked papers – or don’t even receive any paper at all!
My Writing Assistant
is confident that in every project and endeavour, our people give out only the best. We ensure that all writers and employees are honest with their jobs and see to it that they do the job well, even in gruelling and challenging projects.
>> We Genuinely Care About Quality >> No Empty Promises
Every piece of research and writing produced by the My Writing Assistant team aims only for high standards of quality and creativity. Further, every assignment is treated as personal research and writing challenges the team must overcome. Extensive experience in research and writing plus the team member's cooperative attitude and commitment to every research and custom writing task ensure My Writing Assistant’s success in achieving its goal.
Here at My Writing Assistant, we do not give empty promises.  We make sure all our writers spend quality time with every research and writing project. We go the extra mile just to please clients and give them what they expect.

Say goodbye to all your writing problems. Now.

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  • Discreet transaction
  • On-time delivery
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  • Thorough research
  • Skilled and experienced writers
  • US Dollar- US$14.95
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  • Hong Kong Dollar- HK$117
  • Singaporean Dollar - SG$19.32
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My Writing only provides custom writing and editing services, inclusive of research materials. Our academic writing services are for assistance purposes only. These services (i.e. book review writing service, dissertation writing service, essay writing service, editing service, research proposal writing service, term paper writing service, thesis and thesis statements writing service) are processed with the intention of giving students actual guides that they can use. Students are required to read, review, and edit the papers they receive from us accordingly. On the contrary, the papers we produce for online entrepreneurs are intended for their private and personal use, or in an 'as is' basis. This policy is valid for the following writing services: newsletter content writing services, web content writing services, and translation+writing services. All papers we produce are properly referenced. My Writing is strictly against plagiarism

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